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I'm a performance artist from North East England, mainly exploring our relationship with non-human animals and how we can actively live in a symbiosis with all beings for their and our own human benefit. Animal justice is at the heart of my work.

My performance skills have grown from my training at East 15 Acting School, as a theatre maker and director. I've gone on to be instructed in Eastern Theate with the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Denpasar, and had the opportunity to broaden my practice in puppetry with the Little Angel Theatre and Sunflower Network.

Now as a practice-based researcher, I look to probe performance as a tool in bringing about positive change in the social justice movement, particularly animal rights and environmentalism. As part of this mission I've created the Performing Animal Rights Archive & Podcast, and formed the animal theatre company Bright Eyes Theatre Arts, which centres the non-human animal story through performance in theatres and schools.

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